Floor preparation


Most epoxy systems manufacturer require that the  surface is prepared by sanding, grinding, dry or wet sandblasting or shot blasting to achieve a clean, porous and uniform surface that will allow the product to penetrate the surface. At Red Rock Epoxy Floors, we first use a high grade epoxy crack repair. We hand grind the cracks about a 1/4 inch. Then we apply the epoxy crack repair, working in the epoxy into the cracks and any holes or divots. After the repair epoxy has cured we specifically use a concrete grinder that will not only prepare the surface but also level out high spots and grind the repaired sections flat. We use vacuum systems that are designed to eliminate  concrete dust.  We then clean the surface entirely with TSP and rinse completely with water, then sweep and vacuum. There is nothing more exasperating than to find little pieces of debris in your beautiful epoxy floor. the preparation  process is is about 70 percent the importance in the application of epoxy or urethane systems . You may have had an epoxy floor  failure or you probably have seen someone’s epoxy  garage floor  fail within a year or two. I was watching a Youtube  video the other day and the people were upset that after a year their big box flack epoxy kit lifted due to hot tires. They attempted to repair the damage but it did not look good and of course it would continue to deteriorate and fail. The Epoxy company of course said it was not warrantable.  This expensive lesson could have been avoided by proper concrete preparation so the epoxy can penetrate the concrete, proper cleanup after grinding the floor, and of course using a high grade epoxy or urethane system. You get what you pay for. So beware when your painter says he will slam down a coat of  epoxy because you most likely will be paying for it again soon. As you can see the prep work is quite involved whether it be in the garage, your basement, your kitchen or at your business, Red Rock always prepares surfaces to manufacturer specs and will give you 3 YEAR WARRANTY .

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