Interior floors

Epoxy and urethane systems can be installed in almost any interior site. Whether it be a home, business or industrial site. Depending on the customer and site requirements, RED ROCK EPOXY FLOORS and it’s manufacturer  partners will  choose the proper system for your application. Epoxy and Urethane systems are great for any place in any interior setting. Easy to clean, durable and stunning to the eye! Depending on the system these floors can be installed for the same or less than tile and will not crack or have dirty grout lines. When I tear out old carpet to put down an epoxy floor I am always reminded  that carpet retains all the allergens and dirt and nasties ( and usually the customers are horrified at the stuff they have been living with), so replacing carpet with an epoxy or urethane floor system you will have a healthier  environment for your family.  Epoxy and urethane systems can be installed over wood floors also. Flake epoxy systems are popular in basements and kitchens, while  Metallic systems are more popular in bathrooms , living rooms, entries and retail spaces. We also have 3D floor murals that can be amazing. Retail spaces can benefit with an epoxy floor because it is competitive in price  and can be tailored to your company colors or themes. It also really looks good and customers will love it.

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